Marie Bergman

Author: Marie Bergman

Kelowna oil painting

                                                                    Painting in the Autumn wind October 18th, I was waking up to the feeling of a beautiful fall day. Nothing like Read More

Kelowna Oil Painting

Expressions in the field of the elements of visual art and  the process of so many Kelownaoilpaitinngs that I consider fine art. For me art has been a personal thing that has challenged my physical abilities and be in touch with nature on a spiritual level.   Expressing one’s self is a internal spiritual thought process Read More

Just a bit of inspiration

Here it is August and winding down to the end of another year. I hope you all enjoyed your summer. Here in Kelowna what else can one expect another warm and beautiful summer. I don’t know if it is a good thing but all the fruit is early this year. Even the Kokanee salmon I Read More


That long grind through cold,wet snow, and cloudy, mucky, weather that lags on for seemingly endless months. My bones are telling me enough! I bring out the tea, the hot cocoa but as the months go on I just want some change. I have had a good year and entered the Artists choice Vancouver FCA Read More

The Fall Event

Fall has come and another successful Autumn Gallery event has gone by. Here is some photos of the event:   My paintings that were juried into this years event was Waterfall at Mill Creek, Through Shadow and light and Mill creek (Resting Spirits). The Autumn Gallery is one of our yearly events held in November Read More

Loading up on Paint or Pears

Seasons change swift as the wind and a bear sitting in peculiar looking extremely tall pear tree stuffing itself with all the pears it could get into its belly; so much so,  it seems hardly able to move about. Animals are feeding at this time of year and we have to respect that. When you Read More


It was another great OASIS Show this year in Kelowna, BC and really enjoyed attending the symposium. The guest artists were Allan Wylie, Janice Robertson, and Brent Lynch. After the the show Brent did two workshops and I attended the plein air workshop which I really enjoyed. I learned allot and was bitten by the Read More

Making Sense Of All The Caos

When I look for a composition in a landscape I have to make sense out of all the caos where such a busy landscape exists along side creeks. With an abundance of trees and bushes and rocks. In the center you have water current moving along rapidly or perhaps it is a steady flow. The Read More

Painting Kelowna creeks

Lots of Projects underway in Kelowna as I drive around town. Mission Creek is getting an over haul. Actually they are changing a part of the creek back to the way it was originally. The purpose is to hope the salmon come back. Well good intentions and I hope it works. It gives me more Read More

Spring is here

It has been just wonderful mild weather here in the Okanagan this year. It is heading in to a busy period with art shows this year I am hoping to get into some of them this year. I look back to see how far I have come since my move here to kelowna by taking my painting Read More