Kelowna oil painting

                                                                    Painting in the Autumn wind

October 18th, I was waking up to the feeling of a beautiful fall day. Nothing like Kelowna oil in painting   Kelowna plein air ( haha). Finally I have been able to get out to do some Kelowna oil painting plein air style.  I walked along the harbour and stopped at the docks just in front of Rosie’s pub. I did not bring the camera with me because I do not feel I needed it.

The plane floating down along the walk way made a perfect painting. I set up my easel and laid out my colors. I am keeping it down to just 3 colors and white as is much easier to mix and to carry. I have lots of paint from picking up extra tubes of paint I obtained for  a Dominik Modlinski’s workshop.  I am thinking of buying empty tubes from Opus and stuff them with left over paint. I managed to complete my painting cleaned up and headed home with in a hour.  Tomorrow I am hoping to get out once again and this time head out to mission creek and paint some trees.

The 19th today and I woke up wanting to go out to mission creek. It was another beautiful fall day as I started off  through the main entrance to the park. A noticed a beware sign for bears in the area was posted so I walked down on the springfield side trail towards KLO  bridge. I walked to where about I could see the bridge crossing in the distance. A trail leading towards the water was there and I took it leading off to a bed of rocks. A perfect location for a painting in the Autumn wind. Leaves blowing from the tree tops.

painting in the autumn wind
painting in the autumn wind

I went out again to Mission Creek on Saturday the 21st but walked from the main office across the bridge and up stream about a 1000 meters . I hiked down a pile of rocks to the waters edge and picked a rock that supposably looked comfortable. The spot was interesting as the gold and orange color highlighted the water and the rocks surfaces. The trees and thick brush that cast thier shadow in the sun brought a interesting display of secondary colors. The leaves were from a gold orange to golden yellow.

That rock I thought that was so comfortable wasn’t and my butt was getting sore. I shift from one side to the other each time becoming more painful. I wanted to alteast get the color down and the main compositioin of my painting done. I can always finish this at home or just save it for when I do a large studio painting.

I literally felt sore and like someone had kicked me in the back. I took a break for the next few days. I feel bad when that happens taking away the excitement and buildup to finishing an outdoor painting.

I eventually made it out again and this time I walked farther almost to the Casorso bridge following the KLO bridge. Many of such compositions existed between where I had started and to where I had walked to . I was thinking to myself that I can always come back to these places. So I continued on to finding some more beautiful colors of fall to where I could get out onto the rocks.

I could spot what appeared to be the right place I was looking for. There I  set up my easel taking in the freshness of air and scenery around me. I layed out a simple palette of Ultra marine blue, cadmium red light,quinacridone red, cadmium yellow light and titanium white. I can mix up some beautiful purples from ultramarine blue and quinacridone red. Wonderful oranges of cadmium red light and cadmium yellow light and quinacridone red. I also layed out Gamblin’s chromatic black for some interesting greens .


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