marie bergman’s biography

I was born in Alberta then Shortly after, our family of five soon moved to Santa Clara, California. It was not until my early teens that we moved back to the Canadian prairies where we spent a number of years in southern Alberta. My travelling experiences brought me close with nature spending much of my time outdoors. One of the first paintings my parents bought back in 67 was “The Grand Tetons” by Robert Wood. I do believe that this painting was the start of a seed waiting to grow.

Marie Bergman Bio PictureWhile working as a live in care aide in Saskatoon SK. around 2004 I began to take my self up on painting. It is a chance for me to do what I have always wanted in life – to be in touch with my creative side and explore the land that I walk on. (It was art and music I had taken in school).

In 2010 I began to study other artists, such as, Film Producer George Gallo,  Stephen Quiller, and Richard Schmid”s ALLA PRIMA II , Katie Swatland’s book Companion, and  John F. Carlson, and many others to numerous to mention.

I  take their knowledge with me, and try to apply it in my own way. Painting is learned by doing as George Gallo, and many other artists say.

The outdoors is something I have always loved, and the adventures of plein air painting is right my ally. I plan ahead so that my work will be thought of as a story – a poetry of the land where I take the viewer in. In the future I can create a book or memoir.

As a member of  the Federation of Canadian artist of Vancouver and the Okanagan. I have been busy entering shows , (though in 2017 I took a break from the shows ) and this has given me the time to think about where I want to go with it.

Having been the  editor of the Federation of Canadian Artists newsletter, and still their facebook admin. page has accompanied my educational goals to further enhance my opportunities.


If you find something you like or have any questions about please feel free to contact me at only people who are interested in buying art need apply

artist statement

Renoir says “ I believe I have learned something today” 
As a pure painter my inspiration that draws from BC’s Okanagan valley with an array of wonderful terrain, color, and culture. It welcomes the artist an education in endless creative drive to paint from. To explore, interpret, and bring back to the studio my perspective of the landscape in a visual language. In the studio I can play with what I have captured to make it a pleasing composition.
A visual poetry of the land, watching the dance of light, shadow, and color all come in to play.
To educate about the importance of  conservation.
Experimenting, and exploring is a part of the process to write my own story.