That long grind through cold,wet snow, and cloudy, mucky, weather that lags on for seemingly endless months. My bones are telling me enough! I bring out the tea, the hot cocoa but as the months go on I just want some change. I have had a good year and entered the Artists choice Vancouver FCA ( federation of Canadian artists ) event in February with my painting Snow fall on Mission Creek.

snowfall on mission creek

How can I change the season without waiting for old man weather to wake up and bring us warmth. Ah’ I bring out the canvas and the brushes and the paint to start the process in creating the sun’s light. “Let there be light” upon this vast landscape I say and the brush begins to flow toning first the canvas with yellow and then burnt umber. I use my pounce and blend the sky down to the trees and into the water. Painting has become increasingly more challenging as one learns there way. I can see why some people give up. That idea not a lie has crossed my mind and others in the art world are the culprets. I distant myself from those kind of people and move on trying to put it behind me. I get back to creating when I am ready and do not look back. Shake it and move on. LOL
My sunset takes shape upon which I see the land shaping up under the sun with broad strokes. My trees begin to take shape.

I enjoy painting landscapes for the many challenging scenario’s; luminosity, atmospheric,Shape, line, abstract, and rhythmic patterns in nature. All the elements of design that goes into a painting. You have options in creating your thing as to how you like. this is important because we allow ourselves to become enthused about other people’s creations that we tend to want to go there and create what really is not yours. This is okay to learn from but when it comes time to laying the paint on your own creation doing it in your own way like you own it is far better. I like to edit as I see it  and sometimes what doesn’t look realistic needs to be changed . To look more believable is important even though that something  is what draws me to paint that. Painting is the expression and the extension of the artists fingerprint and makes it theirs.

In my last painting Mill Creek (resting spirits II) one person pointed out to me that the water should have come straight down. I agree because I ended up putting too much of a slope in  the water. The truth though that being the high rate of water moving over the rocks the water was actually projected across the rocks. I had to make the choice and decided that she was right so I made that change.
I have been able to do some studio paintings this winter from some reference photos I took earlier this year. It keeps going through the those long winter months. Spring has arrived and I have been itching to get out but the weather just keeps lagging on.
I have made some changes to my website and added print buttons. For the option of those just wanting a print of my work.

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