Kelowna Oil Painting

Expressions in the field of the elements of visual art and  the process of so many Kelownaoilpaitinngs that I consider fine art. For me art has been a personal thing that has challenged my physical abilities and be in touch with nature on a spiritual level.


Expressing one’s self is a internal spiritual thought process that involves memory and other motor skills important in the development of the brain and can be used in ptsd or post taumatic stress disorder , etc. and is another use for visual expression. If interested check out

It is peaceful everytime I am at my easel and I am entertained and engaged in finding answers to questions pertaining to the visual play of color,light,shape and texture. I have used gamblin torte grey as a ground and am trying out gamblin chromatic black.

I try to stay informed of techniques and apply them to every new paintings I start. I constantly look for new ideas and discovering painters that are masters of their craft.

Leading to the discovery of such one famous landscape artist is a German artist and extoadinary painter.

Up until a couple of months ago; I was up and down the creeks spending some time along the water photographing the creeks and just to figure out where I want to take my art. The avenues to take a painting into doing a whole series of paintings.

I picked up a pochade box lately taking my studio outdoors. To capture the light as I put down the color that conforms to that value. Hopefully to capture more of the mood of the landscape as it exists before me.

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with in the trees

Writing is nearly as important as painting and  tying both together in communicating a story to my audience and presenting in different ways and so I try to convey what I can.


I have been prepping some panels last month as I intend to do some plein air painting soon. Being in touch with nature and doing some Kelowna oil painting is so therapuetic. Blue skies , grey skies it is close to Halloween and the leaves on the trees are deep orange, red, and yellow. Reds contrast well with the green spruce trees.

Taking a walk along the Mission Creek greenway there are many trees to see and many compositions to paint from.  So taking a walk and just exploring all the turns in the creek. This is where my insperation comes from for many of my paintings you see on my website.

I have other stories about painting mission creek and some of its tributaries on another blog I wrote called Painting Kelowna creeks . The sunsets are fabulous here as well and I have not even got down to the lake much. There is another …. load of paintings to do down there along the shores. Why go anywhere when there is so much beauty around and so I feel that for me it is a perfect time to take a break from the many shows I was doing with the FCA (federation of canadian artists). I may or may not stay active but I want to focus on other venues perhaps. I have gained much experience over the last few years and  I wish to pursue alternative prospects.

Just keep following along on my next blog Plein Air Kelowna

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