Ti’s The Season

A week before xmass and I have started two paintings in acrylic. I wanted to get away from working with oils for a bit and the two paintings I have chosen is best suited for acrylic. I like trees as much as I do water and are very important in our world. If trees could talk what do you think they are saying? With the way the environment is we probably would not receive a pleasant answer. Some trees have such beautiful views it would make other trees jealous. The tree I have is one that spoke the loudest to me. The tree is short not because of being stunted but rather it seemed to have broken off. The short stumpy tree has a stocky build and a rather peculiar kind of dance to it. The uniqueness of this tree has a story. It grows on the edge of a bank that descends several hundreds of feet to Lake Okanagan below. It sees the clouds above as they travel across the skies in the distance. It can tell what kind of creatures are strewn about the land. It can tell you how much it rains in the valley. You can tell by its girth how old the tree is. This is the tree I want to work with. I have decided that I want to add texture to this unique tree so modeling paste and tissue paper that I had stashed away seem to be the perfect fit for this tree. This is the kind of thing that inspires me to painting in the first place. Being quizzical of my surroundings helps  DSC_0137      in creating the piece I am working on. I have learned or am learning to stop trying to rush on things and so this tree ” The Clumpy Old Tree” which has a friend perhaps is just beginning its life long journey beside the lake.



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