The Mouth of Mission

The Mission Park Green-way trail in Kelowna is expanding.They are  adding the 3rd phase of the trail that runs along Mission Creek. With my interests in creeks; I had to go and check this place out and so we drove up to field road. When I got up to the entrance at Field road I parked and walked a ways down the trail. I was not sure just where I was going and instead of continuing I decided to head back up to where the information board was to find out just where I was and where the trail leads. While there A fellow by the name of Tony Smith drove up and we chat. Low and behold another artist and works in watercolor. How convenient this is I thought. He had been here before; and so we walked up a different path that lead to the mouth of mission creek. Along the way we stopped; taking in the view of Pinnacle Peak and Layer Cake Mountain. DSC_0026

As we walked further down the trail Tony stopped and said “you hear that” it was the sound of the water running below. It is not that far of a walk to where we could see large rocks and the waterfall from where the creek began to make its voyage through the canyon. Nestled in the forest of Myra-bellevue provincial park. We approached the pools just below where the water channeled its way through. I felt the presence of the suns warm rays glittering all around this natural garden where rocks laced with moss lime green and golden brown. All around me the leaves danced in colors of  burnt sienna, orange, red , yellow, and green. So many species of trees in every direction. The water so clear you could see the rocks beneath glistening with azo yellow and vandyke brown and large rocks lined the pools with ultramarine blue and magenta. I stored away the presence of this place in my memory and photographing enough times to take back to the studio. I make notes and use them along with photos that I have collected. The painting of the water fall where Mission Creek starts apparently is the  result of


.DSC_0034 of the Penticton Ice Damn which happened 1000’s of years ago.  I am  interested in painting this place and trying to catch the spirit of this water fall on canvas and so my first painting is called The Mouth Of Mission. It is an oil painting of  many more paintings to add to my collection of the Okanagan Valley  water ways. That of which is a contributing factor in the wine country.

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