Spring is here

It has been just wonderful mild weather here in the Okanagan this year. It is heading in to a busy period with art shows this year I am hoping to get into some of them this year.
I look back to see how far I have come since my move here to kelowna by taking my painting further along each year. I can say with joy and great enthusiasm my accomplishments from taking my paintings around to venues through out the valley in the Art- Scape program of the Central Okannagan art council. I have since built a body of work needed to get accepted into the FCA – COC and continue with my series of creek paintings to the next level by doing more painting and workshops this coming year. Persistence and hard work pays off and is the only way to get things done. I guess I can say I am lucky because everything that has happen to me including my accident that left me with limited mobility has lead to carving out my passion for the arts. I have put my time in working for other companies and have learned so much from that. I try to transfer them skills to what I am doing now. That being said my limited ability to pack a back back with art supplies and a support to paint on into the bush or up some steep trail is havoc. I try to make do by organizing my gear and bringing in just the basics of what I need to execute a painting or drawing on site. This at least gives me a stronger relationship to the landscape before heading into the studio.

Spring is here the blooms are out and the trees are budding. The creeks are running high with the snow melt off from higher elevations providing lots of movement in my paintings. Now, I can think about En plein Air being. My bones tolerate the warmer climate and allows me to stay out longer.

Oasis is the big national show coming up in June held at the Rotary Art Center in Kelowna which brings in many great artists together. I have my ticket to the show and I am sure it will be exciting as the previous year. The previous year was great and I really enjoyed my time there with other artists. I took in the demonstration by David Langivan. His trees are full of texture and was amazing to see him execute them. I will be volunteering to help set up and decorate the windows and looking forward to it.

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