Painting Kelowna creeks

Lots of Projects underway in Kelowna as I drive around town. Mission Creek is getting an over haul. Actually they are changing a part of the creek back to the way it was originally. The purpose is to hope the salmon come back. Well good intentions and I hope it works. It gives me more paintings and really the purpose of my paintings is to create an aware of the importance of our water. Essentially in Canada our water in comparison to other countries is among the purest in the world; however if we don’t learn from these countries our water will be much like the rest of the world and when that comes people will be much more undernourished because of the effect it will bring to the crops and the species that in habit the land and water. Why do I care about our water? and especially Kelowna,s water.  I guess that is why I like nature it doesnt bring the hateful bad chemistry that people can. I see more and more abuse with our water. How can animals in the wild survive? do we even really care? It always seems to come to money. The more we make the better. Without taking seriously the impact our deeds do to the environment. I cant really say I am much better though.  For me oil painting requires a slow process in comparison to acrylic. This is why it is a good thing for me. It exercises my attention more and slows me down requiring much more of my patience. Presently I am working in glazes doing  this particular scene:

mission creek
mission creek

As I began I started using Prussian blue for my shadows and the back side of my trees. My trees and far bank I used cadmium red with a touch of ivory black. My water I started my first glaze in transparent earth red and attempt to finish it in a series of glazing letting each step dry for 24 hour period before starting the next.  It is a slower process and I assume this is a process used by Maxfield Parrish. This is my first attempt in this process and will do another blog when I have completed the painting. Again I believe in starting your painting with a good foundation applying several coats of  Gamblin ground. You may want to use a more solid support such as masonite; but, for this one I did use the a canvas. I may find out in the future of possible cracking in the water area. See you all at the upcoming show OASIS where my work will be hanging at the Rotary Arts Center in June put on by the Central Okanagan chapter of the Federation of Canadian Artists.

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