Happy New Years 2015

30 Paintings In 30 Days

My New Years resolution started off with a good thought. My first outdoor painting for 2015 began early at 6 am. The morning sunrise. I kept it simple this morning with just using three colors. Burnt sienna , cad. orange and dioxin purple and white. For the majority of the sky I mixed a bit of Dioxin purple and white.Brushing it on in a painterly manner. Burnt sienna and a bit of orange for the sunlight. The clouds were a bit of a grey . Mixing dioxin purple and burnt sienna with a bit of orange and some titanium white gave me the grey I needed. Keeping it simple using just a few colors like that you learn to see how those colors interplay with each other and further working as a reference for a painting in the future. I Challenged myself to paint 30 painting in 30 days starting January 1st. Doing these painting studies provides some insight into mixing and working with a certain set of colors that you randomly pick up contributes to the creative flow and processing for future reference. Doing this daily in your routine is an added bonus to spending time with just you and the things that God presented to me that day. This is the most rewarding for me.

 I missed one day; but, I am back on track January 3rd with my painting challenge and making my broth for a turkey soup and letting it simmer. I packed my stuff and went out onto our patio where my view of the mountains, trees, and the morning sun are always a pleasure to paint. Just a glimmer of sunshine this morning peeping through the low lying clouds. It is my chance to work on creating my style as I see things unfold. I look to see how the light plays around the clouds. It is wonderful to be able to just relax and play with the things you love.

January 6th and I am doing well with my 30 day challenge. We have had lots of snow the last couple of days around 30 centimeters. Cars are covered in snow; and the roads are nearly impossible to drive on. I have been staying close to home. This kind of weather makes it hard for people like me who have osteoarthritis to travel around on foot. Oh well, no pain no gain. This morning I am working with a different set of colors. I dipped my have into a bucket of paints to see just what comes out. I know I will be painting variations of gray. Its a great time of year finding out how many variations of gray a person can come up with. This morning I can hear the snow blowers working hard as people try to move around in the deep snow.

My painting existed of some colors in the YO family from doing color charts before I went out. This is a good way to use up the remaining colors.  I concentrated on at the back end of the park. Where a group of trees line the creek. Simply working on brush control and having fun. I reverted to doing more color studies inside after having so much fun with grays  working outside. I decided this time to try creating some grey’s and blacks by using YO + TER and UMB and YO + AC + UMB – and YO + AC + V creating some warm blacks and grey’s and some cool blacks and grey’s.

January 26th today and New Years resolutions no matter what they are about just seem difficult to keep. I should have known they would never work out. No worries though I just pick up where I left off. The main point is to never give up your resolution or goal. I have all year. DSC_0006     This Painting “In Moonlight” was a painting from the imagination now owned by a local wonderful collector.


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