Good Wine Starts With Good Water

My paintings mostly derive from around the okanagan valley. They are either from references that start from my balcony where I see the sun rise everyday and include my creeks around the valley. I have been doing the in the  area for 4 years now. Places where the water runs with light from above bouncing all around you. Good wine starts with good water. Water Is one of our most important resources. Everything we eat, drink or wash in comes from our creeks or lakes. With out this resource we simply would not survive which strikes me of concern why people would try or improperly dispose toxic waste into our water.

We are attracted to water which is why I find this to be an interesting subject to paint. Waters ability to absorb, refract light and objects . Water carves its way through the earth polishing rocks that is in its path. Water is powerful and shows it when disaster strikes like the Alberta flood and the Tsunami’s created by earthquakes. It is our responsibility to protect the planets water sources. While I was living in the Victoria area my hikes down to the beach were often where I could see litter along the coast and began to pick up the garbage that was left behind.

My series of paintings of the creeks around the valley are exactly about the influence water has on our lives. It is important for me to continue re laying the message through my art – that as long as we continue down the path we are on we will end up extinct no matter how much we think we can change the PH content of water. Every single thing we do or make requires water. I have picked up an interesting book called Okanagan Geology by Murray Roed. A geologist and artist who has done considerable research in the area. He has covered many scenic areas throughout the okanagan. I use this now as a guide for my adventures. I find it fascinating material to go through if you want to understand the land we in habit.

I continue to place my work in public venues and art shows through the FCA ( Federation Of Canadian Artists ). Presently you can view my work at the Rotary Centre Of the Arts through out the month of February

Crawford falls, kelowna
Crawford falls, kelowna

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